Not every vitamin or supplement product is exactly the same. A difference in pricing could indicate that there’s also a difference in the makeup of the product you’re buying. We will take the time to ensure you buy the right vitamin or supplement product for you. Always ask us before you buy!

If you have a lifestyle where you find it’s difficult to eat at regular times, maintain healthier eating habits, and prevent skipping meals, vitamins and supplements are a way of boosting your immune system, alleviating some illnesses, and improving your overall health.

From multi-vitamins to supplements, minerals, herbals, and antioxidants, KW Pharmacy carries a wide range of these products for you to choose from. Perhaps you have a food allergy or a condition that hampers your nutrient intake. Or maybe you just need an energy boost. We can even help you with homeopathy remedies and aromatherapy products so take advantage of our expertise. No matter what the reason, we’re here to help you choose the right product for you!