From experiencing side effects from a medication to providing your patient with a medication that’s discontinued, we can create custom medications for health professionals in our onsite laboratory.

The KW Pharmacy was one of the first and is one of the only a few pharmacies in the Region that has an onsite compounding laboratory and the expertise to create custom medications. This allows professionals in the medical and health fields to have medications created specifically for their patient’s unique needs. This includes specific dosages, method of delivery, replacement of discontinued medications, and higher or lower strengths.

Our current list of professionals are listed below in alphabetical order:


From compound creams for foot pain to treatments for nail fungal infections, we can compound a custom medication specifically for your patient.



We can compound various products for your dental patients including:

  • “Magic mouthwashes” for mouth ulcers, burning mouth syndrome, oral mucositis, and Lichen Planus
  • Mouthwash for Herpes Simplex in mouth
  • Dry mouth syndrome
  • Halitosis
  • Creams for TMJ

For any other needs, call us to discuss them.



When specific dosages, strengths, and delivery methods are required, compounding is the answer. This includes incidences when commercial products are not available don’t meet the specific needs of your patient. Should medications that your patient requires be discontinued, we can compound a very wide range of products for treatment.

We can also provide compounded treatments for hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and local scarring and pigmentation issues. For women and men’s hormonal issues, we can compound a variety of BHRT products as well as medications for painful vaginal conditions and other vulvar conditions. We also specialize in Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, pain management, and nutritional services.

KW Pharmacy specializes in problem-solving through compounded, customized medications that could include:

  • Higher- or lower-strengths
  • Different dosage forms such as topical cream or suppository instead of oral medication
  • Preservative-free medications
  • Replacing commercially unavailable, reformulated, and/or preservative and dye-free
  • Unique dosage delivery systems

Contact us to discuss your patient’s specific needs.



From mouthwashes for local mouth inflammation to specialized ear drops and throat lozenges, we can compound custom medications for patients with specific and unique needs. Perhaps, a commercial medication has been discontinued or dosages and strengths need to be altered. Call us to find a solution to your patient’s needs.



From all-purpose nipple cream for new mothers to Magic Butt diaper rash cream for babies, we will compound custom medications that specific to your client’s needs.



We can compound a variety of products prescribed by naturopaths. This includes BHRT in different forms from cream to capsules. Plus, we work with all hormones associated with BHRT.

Custom medications can also be compounded for treatment resistant vaginal yeast infections and various Candida species.



When a child has issues taking their medicine, we can compound medications in a syrup or suspension form with a flavour that makes it easier and more pleasant to take. When commercial products are not available or have been discontinued, we can compound custom medications to meet specific dosages, strengths, and delivery methods.


Sports Physicians

From creams for pain due to muscle injuries and inflammation to ultrasound gels containing anti-inflammatory drugs for use by physiotherapists, we can compound a wide range of products that are unique to the needs of your clients. Has a product been changed or discontinued? Is there something specific that you require? Compounding is the answer and we will work with you to provide it.



We can compound custom medications and treatments for dogs and cats that are unique to their needs. This includes providing a prescribed medicine with a flavour that’s more appropriate and enticing to a specific type and breed of animal.

We can flavour medication with beef, cheese, chicken, liver, or even peanut butter for dogs. Salmon, sardine, or tuna flavouring is popular for cats while alfalfa, apple, or carrot can be compounded for horses.

Dosage forms include topical preparations, solutions, suspensions, flavoured “treats,” oral pastes, capsules, and injections. If a smaller dosage is required for an animal, we can compound the medication into the smaller increment needed or for larger animals, we can concentrate their medication. When a medication is only available in one tablet size, we can compound it to a different size that is easier to swallow.

Call us to learn about what other compounding services we can offer you.