Minor Ailments?
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We are trained to assess and prescribe for all sorts of Minor Ailments including:

Urinary Tract Infections (or UTIs)
These are very common, especially among women. They occur when bacteria causes the internal lining of the bladder and urethra to become red and irritated.

Cold Sores
These are also very common. They are often painful and cause unsightly sores on your lips and around your nose. The viruses that cause Cold Sores lie dormant until triggered by factors such as stress.

Nasal Allergies
Not fun days with sneezing, itchy eyes, runny and itchy nose, and congestion. We can help especially if you suffer from hay fever –  we can help you control your symptoms.

Eczema and Skin Rashes
Our team can help you manage skin rashes such as eczema and contact dermatitis (from poison ivy or other sources).

Heartburn and Indigestion
Heartburn and indigestion often occur together. Prolonged abdominal pain can cause long term harm, but can be prevented. Our team would like to work with you for relief.

Impetigo is a contagious skin infection that occurs mostly in infants and children and begins with red, itchy sores most often on the face. Please speak with our team – we can help!

Acne is a condition that usually begins at puberty when the skin becomes more oily. If acne is not managed, it may lead to severe acne, which, in turn, may cause scarring. Nobody wants that, right? We can help with managing this condition.

Tick Bites
Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that can be passed on to humans by a tick bite. We can help you to prevent this potentially serious disease.

Pinworms, also known as threadworms, are parasites that can cause itching in the anal area. Pinworm infestation is most common in children between the ages of 5 and 14 years.

Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy
Nausea and vomiting or “morning sickness” occurs in about 60-80% of pregnancies. It occurs much more often in early pregnancy and usually resolves by the 20th week.

Diaper Dermatitis
Nobody wants crying, cranky babies. Irritant diaper rashes, caused by infrequent diaper changes or harsh detergents, generally do not affect skin folds. Those caused by yeast infections can affect skin folds.

Insect Bites and Hives
Insect bites can cause itchy bumps on the skin known as hives that can be quite uncomfortable. We can help you find relief.

Strains and Sprains
Sprains result from a stretch or tear of a ligament that connects one bone to another. Strains occur because of pulling or tearing of muscle fibres, for example in the leg. These can occur with athletes as well as non-atheletes.

Pink Eye
A very uncomfortable condition, Pink eye (or conjunctivitis) is irritation and inflammation of the eye caused by allergies, viruses, or bacteria. The best treatment for pink eye depends on the cause.

Yeast Infections
Vaginal yeast infections are common and bothersome. Typical symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection include itching, irritation, and burning in the vaginal area.

Oral Thrush
Oral thrush is an infection in the mouth that is caused by a yeast called candida that produces a thick, white coating on the tongue, the inside of the cheeks and lips, or gums.

Painful Menstruation
Menstrual cramps (or dysmenorrhea) can become severe enough to interfere with your enjoyment of life. There are medications and non-medicated strategies that can help. Talk to our Team.

Nearly 50% of Canadians experience hemorrhoids by age 50. Hemorrhoids are the result of swollen and irritated veins. Many people might not know that there are medications available to help relieve the discomfort. We would like to help.

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