The KW Pharmacy was one of the first and is one of the only a few pharmacies in the Region that has an onsite compounding laboratory and the expertise to create custom medications. What could this mean for you?

Your doctor or specialist can prescribe a custom medication if:

  • There is no commercially available product.
    You may require medication that is not manufactured commercially. We can make it for you in our onsite compounding laboratory.
  • You have severe side effects from a medication.
    We can create a formula and specific dosage to help alleviate this and enable you to take the medication you need.
  • Your current medication is discontinued.
    We can custom make the medication in the dosage you require so that you can continue to benefit from it.
  • You have difficulty taking of your current medication.
    In many cases, the size of the tablet is too large for you to swallow or the current form makes taking your medication difficult. Through compounding, we can provide your medication in a different form that will make it easier to take.

    • Options could include capsules, smaller tablets, creams, lotions, solutions, or suspensions.
      Compounding can also provide new dosage forms such as lollipops and lozenges.
  • The taste of your medication discourages you from taking it.
    We can often provide you with a flavour that is more to your liking.