Long Term Care

At The KW Pharmacy we are proud to serve local Long Term Care Facilities by providing their patients with the medications and health care supplies they need. We have been working with Long Term Care Facilities in the area for the past 9 years and are currently serving 3 homes.

The service we provide includes weekly deliveries of all necessary health care supplies and medications, and more frequent deliveries as needed. Medications are packaged weekly in compliance packaging which allows for easier medication distribution by care home staff and increases patient satisfaction. Quarterly MedsCheck reviews are also included in the service in order to ensure that patients are healthy and happy with their medication therapy.

Pradeep, our pharmacist at the KW Pharmacy, is both a Certified Diabetes and Certified Asthma Educator and has advanced training in geriatric, psychiatric, and cardiovascular care. This means that we are uniquely positioned to offer highly qualified care to your patients.

If you have any questions about our services please contact us or visit the pharmacy to speak with one of our staff.

Long Term Care Services

  • Free Delivery to Facility
  • Free Medication Pickup & Disposal
  • Free Compliance Packaged Medication
  • Free Quarterly MedsCheck Consultations
  • 15% Patient Discount on non-Prescription Products
  • Extended Access Hours to a Pharmacist for Emergencies
  • Medical Device Training for Your Staff
  • Fast & Flexible Same-Day Service for New Patients


Benefits for Long-Term Care Facilities

  • Reduced Workload on Care Staff
  • Reduced Medication Costs
  • Competent Staff, Safely Administering Medication
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Pharmacists Preparing Medications
  • Quick Access to Pharmacist for Emergencies
  • Quarterly Consultations Between Staff, Pharmacists and Physicians
  • Free, Proper Disposal of Unused Medication
  • Healthy & Happy Patients!