Dosage Forms

We have a dedicated compounding room on-site where we prepare all of our mixtures. We are able to make most non-sterile dosage forms and we are currently expanding our compounding service to make more products available to our patients.


Liquid mixtures containing one or more active ingredients dissolved in a solvent.

Benefit: Solutions offer uniform dosing and high medication availability within the body.


Mixtures containing drug particles suspended in a liquid vehicle.

Benefit: Suspensions are often used when medications will not dissolve in a suitable solvent.

Ointments, Pastes & Creams

Semisolid mixtures that are applied topically to an affected area of skin to allow for immediate drug action on the skin or transdermal drug delivery.

Benefit: Topical dosage forms are often used to treat skin conditions or to deliver drugs to the underlying tissue to treat pain or inflammation.


Gelatin shells filled with powdered ingredients & fillers to allow for controlled medication release within the body as desired by the prescriber.

Benefit: Capsules prevent the patient from tasting their medication and can be formulated into either immediate or extended release forms.

Lozenges & Troches

Hard or soft, candy-like flavored mixtures that dissolve within the body to release medication at a controlled rate.

Benefit: Lozenges and troches are dissolved in the mouth to release medication into the oral cavity.


Hard, flavoured, candy-like dosage forms on a stick that release medication into the mouth for absorption through the oral mucosa.

Benefit: Lollipops are similar to lozenges and troches but are more suitable for use with children.


Solid mixtures that are shaped for insertion into bodily orifices that melt or dissolve to release medication into the specified region of the body.

Benefit: Suppositories are used when oral administration is not suitable or when local therapy is required for treatment of certain conditions.


Liquid solutions containing dissolved medication that are introduced into the anal cavity to allow drug delivery across the anal mucosa.

Benefit: Enemas are used to flush the anal cavity and to deliver medications through the anal mucosa, which allows the medication to avoid being digested.