You are unique – your medication should be too!

KW Guardian Pharmacy is one of only a few pharmacies in the area to offer Custom Medication Compounding. With a prescription from your doctor we can create a unique medication formula that is specifically designed for you. We’re able to offer this unique service because we have a compounding lab right in our pharmacy!

Why a Compounding Pharmacy?

A favorite aspect of custom compounding is that you are often able to choose the flavour of your medication!  The most common reason to have medication compounded is to replace discontinued medications or to create a dose that is not available normally.

If you are sensitive to certain medications we are able to adjust doses specifically for you so that you get the therapeutic effects of a drug while reducing some potential side effects.

Compounding Options

If your medication is only available in large tablets and you have difficulty swallowing them, we may be able to compound a solution for you that would be easier to administer.  In our compounding pharmacy we are currently able to compound your medication into:

  • capsules
  • tablets
  • creams
  • lotions
  • solutions
  • suspensions

We will also be expanding in the near future to offer some new dosage forms such as lollipops and lozenges.